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25 Mar,2013


One of our real strong points! at San Isidro, the cuisine is original, vanguard and always evolving; in current cooking terms, we like to best classify it as what has become popularly known as “slow food”. We produce our own organic vegetables, chickens and even guinea pigs, as well as give priority to local providers, creating an incentive for them to plant and rescue traditional products that might have otherwise gone long forgotten. This all paves the way for more environmentally friendly and agriculturally sustainable practices that promote the diversity and cultural awareness of organic products.

All of the menus we serve rotate naturally based on the products of the season and are served buffet-style so that you can choose the options you want. The majority of the recipes we serve are created at San Isidro, using modern culinary techniques, while still trying to maintain a level of harmony with the flavors and textures of our typical Andean and Amazonian products. On one night during your stay, plan on sampling the locally popular meat “cuy” (guinea pig), served as an optional small kabob with a guava chutney sauce just before dinner.


Have a look at two of the many of our exclusive buffet menus that you might try:


Example #1:

• Hot guayusa toddy (with local cane rum should you prefer).
• Ají de carne (typical Ecuadorian soup with banana and hard boiled egg slices).
• Cooked chicken “au vide”, sealed and cooking until crunchy, then stuffed with figs and ricota cheese, topped with a phenyl sauce.
• Quinua, cheese, and Rosemary herb sufflé, with a caramel base.
• Organic arugula and tree tomato salad with a sweet syrup dressing.
• Yellow rice cooked in beer and cilantro.
• Passion fruit (maracuyá) perfumed lentils.
• Black pepper ice cream with babaco fruit, highlighted with a sweet basil sauce.

Example #2:

• Hot cinnamon toddy (with local cane rum should you prefer).
• Local Sumaco oyster mushroom soap with crunchy chonta palm fruit chunks.
• Ginger seasoned trout or tilapia Maito (steamed in a banana leaf) with tilo fruit (elderberry) sauce.
• Corn-cake filled with cheese rolled in a cabbage leaf (longuitos) with a peanut sauce.
• Organic lettuce, palm heart, and alcaparra (pickled agave flower bud) salad.
• Barley and fava bean risotto, flavored with paico (local herb).
• Amazonian potato (or yuca) fritters, topped with a spearmint pesto sauce.
• Baked orito (small sweet banana) rolled in a light pastry dough, topped with a sweet naranjilla sauce.


You will find various combinations of the following dishes on our three hot-plate breakfast buffet:
• Hominy tamales
• Arepas (Venezualan corn buns)
• Ecuadorian green plantain dumplings, filled with cheese
• Lightly fried, sliced bananas
• Sopes (thick Mexican-stylecorn tortilla)
• Quimbolitos (sweet, fluffy corn tamal), filled with mango and mint, slathered with anise syrup
• Humitas (corn tamal), with homemade hot sauce
• Llapingachos (mashed potato cakes), with peanut sauce
• Mashed white carrot (or yuca) fritters, with parsley (or cilantro) pesto sauce


- Comfortable independent rooms with private bathrooms and hot showers.

- Private porches in 10 of our rooms with a private hummingbird feeder.

- Coffee makers in every room.

- Sitting area in every room.

- Delicious original and exotic food.

- Bar service.

- Guinea Pig tasting opportunity!

- Various common areas.

- Pool table, TV room, book exchange, darts, hammocks.

- Laundry service.

- Water filters.
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