25 Mar,2013


We offer ten private and comfortable double rooms that are widely spaced about on the sprawling gardens. All allow immediate access to the outdoors right from the open-air, front porches of each.

Cabañas San Isidro’s lodge and lush cloudforest reserve can be reached by paved road from Quito’s new international airport in only about 2 hours, so getting here has gotten easy. San Isidro lies right between two large national parks, so ‘gettinglost’ is part of the fun, and discovery is a daily event. Amazing cuisine, cooking clases, primary forest trails, mammal watching, birding, and archaeology are some of the activities waiting for you here! 

Weliketothink of thelodgeitself as comfortable, privatecabins in theforestwhereorchidsdanglefromthetrees, nightmonkeysfrolicoverhead in theevenings, and theoccasional tapir stompsbytoforageonthegardenfoliage, whileagoutisscurryabout. What’sanagouti? Well, you’llfindoutwhenyougethere.


Withtheforest, and hummingbirdfeeders at yourdoorstep, thereisspaceto spread out, unwind, and soak in theoutdoors. Hot-watershowers are always a must, and eachroomisequippedwithitsowncoffee/tea makerforthatfirsteye-opener. Since San Isidro has undergone a slowevolutionfordecades, a one-rooflodgenevermaterialized, which in hindsight, onlyaddstothebeauty and privacyweoffer.

Items to bring

Here is a short reminder-list of some of the more basic items that will make for a more pleasant stay at Cabañas San Isidro:


- Passport, valid for six months (plus some photocopies in a separate bag for emergencies).
- Rain jacket and umbrella

- Hat.
- Gloves (in the event of a cooler period).
- Comfortable shoes.
- Sunscreen.
- Rubber boots (we have a stock of average sizes, but you may prefer your own)
- Hiking boots.
- Sweater or jacket.
- Flashlight and spare batteries.
- Binoculars.
- Daypack.
- Water bottle.
- Insect reppelent.
- Plastic bags
(to protect electronics and optics from rain).
- 3 to 2 prong adapter.

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